A lounger for indoors or outdoors

Our fibreglass technology ensures long-lasting elasticity in the reclining surface, guaranteeing comfortable support for the product’s entire service life

As comfortable as your own bed. Our fibreglass technology gives the H2K Luxury Lounger outstanding comfort. The secret of the slats’ elasticity and strength lies in the material, a high-quality fibreglass composite specially developed for the beds industry.

Exceptional technology for your comfort

The H2K Luxury Lounger features the first fibreglass sprung slats that take their individual elasticity from the slat itself, rather than from the lateral joints. They are made of a fibreglass composite that, unlike wooden slats, are completely unaffected by temperature fluctuations and humidity.

The slats retain their elasticity and springiness for decades. Recharge your batteries, prevent back problems: That's the goal of our reclining comfort system. You will feel so comfortable that you won’t want to get up again.

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