The H2K Sauna Bench
is suitable for all saunas

regardless of the brand. With excellent sitting and reclining comfort

At last, you can enjoy the comfort of a bed in any sauna – regardless of the brand. The H2K Sauna Bench offers incomparable, blissful sitting and reclining comfort. Each individual bench slat is sprung on both sides: That’s the secret for an unparalleled sauna experience.

Your personal wellspring –
the H2K Sauna Bench

The H2K Sauna Bench fulfils your personal desires and provides unparalleled relaxation. Our Sauna Bench is not only comfortable, but also demonstrably good for your health. Sweating promotes the detoxification of the organs and strengthens blood vessels while your muscles relax. A study by renowned physiotherapists has shown that the special spring system helps to relieve back problems and to allow a more relaxing sauna experience.

The physiotherapists confirmed that muscles are twice as relaxed with the H2K Sauna Bench than a conventional sauna bench with rigid wooden slats. Regardless of your body size, the H2K Sauna Bench perfectly adapts to the shape of your back. This helps support the spine, thus relieving tension and reducing back pain. But that’s not all: our own survey of H2K Sauna Bench customers showed that they use their saunas more frequently due to the extra comfort. Our contribution to your top-class health and beauty routine.

Golden Wave
Innovation Award 2004

Excellent reclining comfort

The internationally renowned industry journal "Schwimmbad und Sauna" launched the "GOLDEN WAVE” innovation prize in 2004. HD Timber Dr. Hake & Düwel GmbH won this award in the Sauna Construction section. Our flexible Sauna Bench with its stainless steel suspension system left our European competitors standing. The evaluation also praised the fact that the system can be integrated into any sauna, regardless of the manufacturer.

Innovationspreis Golden Wave 2004


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