The H2K Sauna Bench – Made-to Measure Wellness

Measure and comfortably install the Sauna Bench

If you’re looking for perfect relaxation and the best reclining and sitting comfort for your sauna, you won’t make do with standard solutions and compromises. With the sprung H2K Sauna Bench, hake konzept offers an exceptional new product that is suitable for any sauna. A sauna experience for the discerning customer.

For new saunas, old saunas – all saunas

We’ll produce the right sauna bench for your specific sauna environment according to your requirements. This gives you the opportunity to retrofit your existing sauna, equip your new sauna with this unique system or to integrate this Sauna Bench if you’re building your own sauna. Even challenging situations with pitched roofs or alcoves, as well as particularly tight sauna areas, can be easily solved with the H2K Sauna Bench.

Easily integrated into
your sauna

Our Sauna Bench can be adapted to suit all sauna sizes and environments. Simply take the measurements and order your new flexible Sauna Bench. Our customer support service and tailor-made production make installation child's play. Get in touch to talk about your requirements with us. Plan your well-being with us. Send us your blueprint for your health. Contact us!

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