Sauna Technology Made in Germany

The H2K Sauna Bench

The H2K Sauna Bench - a product of many years of experience in the beds industry. Our incomparable sauna technology is integrated into your sauna with sprung wooden bench slats for seating and reclining surfaces. Our flexible Sauna Bench adapts to any body shape, size and weight.

Coil springs for flexible bench slats

Our basic idea in the development: We searched for a way to make bench slats flexible but still stable. We found the solution in special coil springs that automatically adjust to body weight. The spring element is made of a stainless steel used in surgery. The material is biologically extremely hygienic and durable. In addition, the bench slats are made of high-quality wood from sustainable sources. This guarantees the Sauna Bench system a long service life.

Renowned sauna manufacturers rely on it

hake konzept’s Sauna Bench system has been used by Swiss sauna manufacturer Küng for many years. The premium manufacturer has long stood for the highest quality and design in sauna construction, and only uses state-of-the-art sauna technology and high-quality materials. But in Germany, too, more and more customers are choosing our flexible Sauna Bench Made in Germany for their sauna systems. We are certain that once you've enjoyed a sauna using our flexible Sauna Bench, you'll never want to go back to a conventional sauna.

Saunabank von hake konzept in Sauna des Saunaherstellers Küng aus der Schweiz
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